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In winter, Szklarska Poręba offers excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The largest ski resort is located on the slopes of Szrenica, where as many as 12 kilometers of slopes with a snowmaking system await lovers of white powder.

  • Attractive
  • Great location
  • The perfect partner for athletes
  • Equipment storage
  • Various routes
Ski resort
Skiing and snowboard

Ski resort

It is here that well-known ski slopes are located, i.e. Lolobrygida, Śnieżynka and Puchatek. There are also a number of smaller ski lifts of varying difficulty in and around the village - for both beginners and advanced skiers. From our hotel in the mountains you can also go skiing and boarding to ski resorts such as Swieradow-Zdroj, Harachov, Spinderowy Młyn, Rokytnice or Pec pod Śnieżka.

Interferie Sport Hotel Bornit

Szklarska Poręba

Sudetes and Giant Mountains are one of the best regions for winter tourism.

If we think of downhill skiing, it is enough to mention the numerous ski resorts that every skier knows, such as Szklarska Poręba, Świeradów-Zdroj, Karpacz and our neighbours Harachov, Szpinderowy Młyn, Rokytnice, Pec pod Śnieżką.

On the other hand, if we think about cross-country skiing, the district of Szklarska Poręba - Jakuszyce - is the largest cross-country skiing center in Poland and one of the largest in this part of Europe. There is often snow in the Giant Mountains and Jakuszyce from November to April, and this provides opportunities for long skiing. In the tabs below you will find numerous information about the centers and direct websites.

Interferie Sport Hotel Bornit Szklarska Poręba - sport and activity are both work and pleasure for us !

We have been hosting sports groups at our hotel for 21 years; triathlon, cycling, running, individual customer for whom activity in life is very important. For us people who are actively involved in sports ourselves, we know the importance of sports facilities, places to store sports equipment and a proper diet for athletes.

We tailor these all-important aspects to individual needs, which is why we are so often chosen by professionals, as well as amateur associations and clubs. For so many years we have had the opportunity to host such people as Maja Włoszczowska with her MTB cycling team, Justyna Kowalczyk with her cross-country skiers, the Polish canoeing team, ice skating, Olympic cross-country skier Henryk Szost, triathlon athlete Agnieszka Jerzyk, speedway riders and many others.

That's why we are confident that you will also be very comfortable with us.

Sudety LIFT - Szrenica

Sudety LIFT - Szrenica  

The closest ski resort to the Bornit hotel is the SKI Arena Szrenica in Szklarska Poręba. In the winter season there is a special SKI BUS for our guests, which will take you from the hotel to the ski lift and back.

Ski Arena Szrenica offers 12 km of trails with a snowmaking system covering 100% of the area for downhill skiing.

There are many ski slopes of varying difficulty, from beginners to very advanced skiers.

7 drag lifts

3 cable cars

There are 3 cable cars and 7 drag lifts with a total capacity of 10,000 people per hour.


  • Pooh route easy (blue) length 1470 m - 172 m of elevation and an average gradient of 12%. Trails for beginner skiers, where night skiing is also conducted.
  • Route F "Hala Szrenicka" easy (blue) length of 650 m and 120 m of elevation. The average slope is about 18%.
  • Lorobrigida route of medium difficulty (red) length of almost 4.5 km and 602 m of elevation. The average slope is 18%, and the maximum slope is 35%. 
  • Snowflake route difficult (red) length of more than 2 km and 300 m of elevation. The average slope is 15%, and the maximum slope is 45%.
  • FIS route "Wall" - very difficult route (black) length of 2 km and 500 m elevation gain. The average slope is 25.5%, and the maximum is 50%.


At the resort itself there are paid parking lots, ski equipment rentals, restaurants and food outlets.

Of course, in addition to the Sudety Lift, there are other smaller ski lifts in Szklarska Poręba, which are ideal for those just beginning to learn this cool sport and winter activity.

Get to know Jakuszyce 

Get to know Jakuszyce 

The cross-country trails in Jakuszyce, provide excellent conditions for amateur and competitive cross-country skiing. Thanks to excellent climatic conditions, the snow cover remains thick until late spring. For years, an international sports event known among cross-country skiing enthusiasts - the Bieg Piastów - and numerous smaller events have been held at the resort.

The "Jakuszyce" cross-country skiing center offers cross-country skiing trails of varying difficulty, with a total length of about 100 km.

Walking routes

Walking routes

All routes form loops in the shape of a cloverleaf and connect to each other, giving you the option of combining driving routes or choosing with customization.

  • The highest point on the routes - 1003 meters above sea level.
  • The lowest point on the routes - 752 meters above sea level.

One of the most popular walking routes is the "Orle" leading to the charming mountain hut of the same name. It's also worth checking out the trails on Jakuszycka Glade itself and the "Dolny Dukt," which has a slight incline.

Modern cross-country resorts

Modern cross-country resorts

The climate information is interesting - In the winter of 1939/40 the temperature in the Jizera Mountains reached -42°C, in 1944 a 3.5-meter layer of snow was recorded there.

There are numerous parking lots, ski equipment rentals, instructors and food outlets. Starting in 2019, Jakuszyce is expanding greatly and is expected to become one of the most modern cross-country ski resorts in Europe.

Get to know


Harachov, in our opinion, is one of the better ski resorts in the Czech Republic. A very big plus for our guests is the close proximity from the hotel, as it is only 14 km by road. In the winter season, for an additional fee, special SKI BUSES are organized from under our hotel, which will take and bring you without moving your car.

Despite the small - for the Giant Mountains - altitude of only 1,020 meters above sea level, there are alpine conditions on Czarcia Góra, and there are trails for beginners and very advanced skiers.

4 ski slopes
Various level of difficulty of the route

4 ski slopes  

Four ski slopes of varying level of difficulty lead from Certová hora /Czarcia Góra/:

  • Black route (difficult) - length 1260 m - elevation 300 m.
  • Route Red I (moderately difficult) length 1650 m - elevation 300 m.
  • Blue route (easy) length 2200 m - elevation 300 m
  • Red Route II (medium-difficult) length 1850 m - elevation 360 m in its lower part transitions to a gentle profile and for this reason is suitable for children, beginners and less fit skiers.
of the Ski Slope  
Excellent location

of the Ski Slope    

At the bottom of the Red II ski run is the Doplik ski lift for beginners, where evening skiing is also implemented.

The connection of the Red II piste in the center to the pistes at the top of the mountain is realized via a 50-meter connection at the top of Certova hora.

A snowmaking system has been built on all ski slopes. The resort is located close to ski stores, rentals and restaurants and catering point.

Explore Świeradów-Zdrój

Explore Świeradów-Zdrój

Ski& Sun Świeradów Zdrój is a 2500-meter-long illuminated route with extremely varied slope. He is constantly being trained and prepared to satisfy the most demanding lovers of white madness.

Route length 2500 m - elevation 443 m, average slope 19%. The start of the lift is at an altitude of 617 m. and the end of the lift at 1060 m..

From the top station of the lift you can go directly to the top of the Jizera Stog, which is 1107 meters away. Directly on the top there is a hostel with the same name that we recommend to visit.

Great location

Great location  

From our hotel the distance directly below the lift is 22 km and you can also combine the trip with free rest in our second hotel – Interferie Aqua Park Świeradów-Zdrój.

The ski lift itself is a modern gondola lift, which is 2172 meters long and in 8-person gondolas, is able to transport 2400 people within an hour.

Ratrak equalizes the route twice a day, which also allows for an unforgettable night ride.

Ski school

Ski school  

There is a ski school in the resort, where every skier can hone his skills. Everyone can also take advantage of a well-equipped ski and snowboard rental, as well as a professional service of sports equipment.

The resort hosts many summer and winter events, including "Bike Marathon", "Runner's Super Run", "Winter Project from TVN", "FIS Day Snow", "Polish Ski Championships in Alpine journalists".

It is also worth mentioning that at the top of the Jizera Sztog there is a ski run "Izerski Szlak Cietrzewia", which you can get to Jakuszyce and return back to Świeradów.




The ski resort Studenov and Horni Domky is located at an altitude of 620–1315 m above the sea level It is available from the center of Rokytnice nad Jizerou and recommended for everyone: Families with children, snowboarders.

interesting routes
Variety of

interesting routes

  • Studenov-Modrá (easy - blue) - length 1347 - elevation 300 m.
  • Studenov-red (medium difficult) - length 1324 - elevation 305 m..
  • Studenov-Modrá 500 (easy - blue) - length 660 - elevation 180 m.
Different difficulty levels

various routes  


  • Tourist (easy - blue) - length 2920 - elevation 650 m.
  • Přibližovák (easy - blue) - length 1355 - elevation 253 m.
  • Kaprun 1 (easy - blue) - length 342 - elevation 50 m.
  • Padák (easy - blue) - length 264 - elevation 50 m
  • Dojezdová (easy - blue) - length 626 - elevation 112 m.



  • Slalomák (medium difficult - red) - length 963 - elevation 290 m.
  • Červená FIS (medium difficult - red) - length 2543 - elevation 590 m.



  • Dřevařská (difficult - black) - length 962 - elevation 333 m.


Popular Czech winter ski mecca

Popular Czech winter ski mecca  

Ski resort Szpindlerowy Młyn, is a popular Czech winter ski mecca, 60 km away, and in fact located on the other side of the Giant Mountains and Szklarska Poręba. If only there was a tunnel, the journey would be much faster...

White madness can be enjoyed here by both demanding and non-demanding skiers and snowboarders. There will also be fans of cross-country skiing and ski-touring.

A variety of professions

A variety of professions  

The ski resort organizes many events, including the largest ones, of international importance. There are about 27 km of ski slopes in Szpinder Młyn along several dozen kilometers of well-prepared cross-country skiing trails.

Szpinderowy Młyn

Selected routes:  

  • Tourist (easy blue) length 2700 m - elevation 300 m.
  • HorníMísečky - Vodovodnícesta - (easy blue) length 2100 m - elevation 510 m.
  • Red FIS (medium difficult, red) length 1950 m - elevation 450 m.
  • Medvědín - Červená (medium difficult, red) length 2300 m - elevation 490 m.
  • Hromovka I and II (medium difficult, red) length about 1500 m - elevation 350 m.
  • Svatý Petr - FIS World Cup (difficult - black) Length 1375 - elevation 450
  • Medvědín - Černá (difficult - black) length 1000 - elevation 280
  • Svatý Petr - Stoh (difficult - black) length 1122 - elevation 280
FIS World Cup Black Tour

FIS World Cup Black Tour  

The Black FIS World Cup route, located in the Svatý Petr resort, has international parameters. A local attraction is also the Audi Race Track, located at the top of the ski slope in Pláni (Svatý Petr), where you can take your ride with the Czech ski star Ondřejem Bank.

Relaxation and rest

Relaxation and rest  

And who likes the unique atmosphere of evening rides, can take advantage of such an offer in the resort Hromovka. There is the longest and best-lit downhill route.

Most of the upper and lower cable car stations offer stylish dining options, Après Ski bars and restaurants, so everyone can relax and enjoy a meal.

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Close to the slopes

Close to the slopes  

"Great place, ideal for hiking and biking trips, all trails start very close."


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