Interferie Hotel Medical SPA Świnoujście
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About hotel

Hotel INTERFERIE Medical SPA is a modern, four-star, comfort, multi-functional hotel, located in a resort part of town, just at the sea, to which a walking avenue INTERFERIE is placed. The complex is a combination of luxurious rooms, SPA&wellness centre and a professional conference background. A modern zone of biological treatment with a multi-function swimming pool, three sport halls, individual classes with a coach, fitness, aqua aerobic, there are just a part of a rich offer of the hotel.

INTERFERIE Medical SPA**** obtained the title HOTEL OF THE YEAR 2013 in SPA category in the competition organized by HRS Poland. It also won the competition SPA PRESTIGE AWARDS and was recognized as the best SPA for women in Poland in 2013.

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INTERFERIE Medical SPA in Świnoujście has 308 elegant and extremely comfort rooms. Among them: single rooms with a wide bed, double, double with an additional sofa and suites. Spacious, arranged with a taste, in nice, light colors, were equipped with a drier, TV-set , radio, telephone, mini-bar, access to Internet and beach equipment. Thinking about kids, we prepared spacious rooms with comfortable equipment, which are connected with a parents’ room. Additionally, the facility is adjusted to the needs of the disabled. We have a special OD certificate, it allows to organize stays for people with motion disabilities. For the comfort of all guests of the hotel, the lifts are installed.

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SPA & Wellness

In INTERFERIE Medical Spa they know that a great look is also a source of good feeling and vitality. Therefore, specialist of cosmetology take care that in the extended SPA & Wellness zone to assure the relax and leisure for the Guests on the highest level. The farm of Beauty is distinguished by a rich offer of caring, revitalizing and slimming treatments.

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The stay in INTERFERIE Medical Spa could be reserved for strengthening health and revitalization. Brine treatment, inhalations, extended complex of sauna, dressings with algae, cooling down the body these are only a few treatments available in the hotel. Specialists, after exact consultation with a patient create a programme of treatment for a specific disease. In nine physiotherapist rooms, the treatments of electrotherapy and ultrasound treatments are performed, affecting with magnetic fields (magnetotherapy), light-treatment and laser therapy, as well as inhalation and local cryotherapy. In the next fourteen multi-function rooms the different treatments are provided in kinezytherapy, brine dressings and a massage with the use of professional cosmetics and treatment preparations.

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The kitchen of INTERFERIE Medical SPA proposes sophisticated dishes of Polish and European cuisine. The masters of the cuisine will take the Guests to the world of cuisine travels and due to the live cooking shows everyone may see the work of the chef. A sophisticated taste of the dishes is emphasized by the best wines, served by waiters.

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INTERFERIE Medical SPA assures the access to different sport activities. The Hotel has three halls with a total area of 228 m2, in which gym and fitness classes are conducted. A few Easy Line posts – so called mobile training devices is an ideal proposal for persons who may not perform exercises with load. A great place for exercises is also a hotel swimming pool.
Many water attractions were prepared in Centre of Wet SPA. Whereas for the kids a spacious hall of games was prepared, full of colorful tales, books and films. Animators take care for a safe and good fun.
In addition, Świnoujście is a great place for doing kitesurfing and windsurfing. Through the town and its surroundings there is a distance of 150 km of perfectly and marked bicycle paths, 90 km canoeing paths and over 50 km tracks for amateurs of walking, nordic walking or jogging.

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Interferie Hotel Medical SPA Świnoujście
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