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Interferie Cechsztyn Ustronie Morskie
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About the facility

INTERFERIE Cechsztyn in Ustronie Morskie is a place full of positive energy in a health, sea climate. It is located in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Polish coast, far from crowded places. Ustronie Morskie is known for reservation of the oldest oaks in Poland and picturesque cliff forested with a pine forest. All this guarantees a perfect leisure and allows for fast health recovery. A specialty of the centre are slimming stays and rehabilitation ones.

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INTERFERIE Cechsztyn in Ustronie Morskie has 56 rooms from single to three-person.

Caring for the Comfort and leisure of families, spacious family studios were also prepared. In each room there is a bathroom with a shower, TV, a radio, a telephone and beach equipment. What is important, the whole facility is adjusted to the needs of the disabled.

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Tasting aroma of dishes and warm interiors create a home atmosphere of the restaurant in INTERFERIE Cechsztyn. The kitchen of the facility proposes traditional dishes of the Polish cuisine, prepare by highly trained cooks. Regular menu has three meals a day: served dinners and breakfasts and suppers served in the form of Swedish Buffet. Also individual plan of nutrition is possible, consistent with a diet or medical recommendations.

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INTERFERIE Cechsztyn specializes in organization of slimming stays, rehabilitation and recreational ones.

Among specialist treatments, the facility offers those based on physical energy  (electro-treatment, laser therapy, magnet therapy and light therapy) or hydro therapy (water and rotary massages, hydro massage and brine bath).

Additionally, oxygen therapy and billberry dressings are recommended. The stay in INTERFERIE Cechsztyn affect positively on treatment of reumatological diseases, circulation system, respiratory one and motion organs (the facility has a special OD certificate).

Our advantages
more than 10 millions of satisfied Guests One of the largest networks in Poland Wide offer of the packages Attractive prices, promotions, discounts Nice service The most beautifully regions of Poland
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Interferie Cechsztyn Ustronie Morskie
Chrobrego 58, 78-111 Ustronie Morskie
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