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Interferie Aquapark Sport Hotel Malachit
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O hotelu

Interferie Aquapark Sport Hotel in Świeradów Zdrój is a place created with an issue about an active relax for persons in every age.
We assure our Clients a relax, a comfort and a beautiful mountainous landscape of the Izerskie mountains behind the windows. The rich offer of the attractions, particularly the only one modern Aquapark is the biggest advantage of ours. A visitation assures a huge fun to all Guests independently of age and swimming skills.
The Hotel is situated in a short distance from 19th – century Zdrojowy Park and a short distance from monumental Well Room in Spa. Świeradów Zdrój is famous for the unique mineral sources equipped with an iron, a fluorine, a magnesium and a radon in Poland. The treatments with the usage of these waters support circulatory system, rheumatologic and nerve system injuries. Additionally a radon stimulates the hormone and the immunologic systems in a natural way and acts easily in cases of pains.
Thanks to its features of the organic tissues regeneration this place was given a name of „Youth Valley”.

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The hotel offer consists of 80 rooms, single and double, family rooms and suites. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, a TV-SAT, a radio and a telephone. There are a fridge, a drier and a balcony in the rooms with higher standard.
The hotel also has rooms adjusted to needs of the handicapped.

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The cooks of INTERFERIE Aquapark Sport Hotel know that there is nothing better to raise an appetite than an active rest that is why they carefully create the meals with full of flavour and aroma with care of each detail. There are served traditional dishes of Polish cuisine as well as Czech Republic and German dishes in the hotel restaurant. However, there is also delicious menu for the children.
There is also a hotel cafe with delicious cakes and hot chocolate.

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INTERFERIE Aquapark Sport Hotel in Świeradów-Zdrój offers a wide mode of treatment treatments, including therapy with the hitting waves using treating energy performed by the sound waves and the manual therapy treatments. The treatment by these methods allows for a good cooperation of the joints, the muscles and the nerves, what causes decrease or eliminates the pain.
We also have the treatments within the scope of: balaneutics, physics-therapy, kinesitherapy, hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. All treatments are made with a!!!! usage of a modern equipment by experienced team of the physiotherapists and the cosmetologists.

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SPA & Wellness

All who need relax and retreat INTERFERIE Aquapark Sport Hotel in Świeradów-Zdrój invites to Biological Renewal Centre. We especially offer the visits in sauna. The massages are also worth taking – from relaxing with aromatherapy, heating with a hot chocolate or the stones to slimming.

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The modern and comfortable Aquapark is a huge advantage of the hotel, which assures fun for everyone – from the youngest to their parents and grandparents. Now, you can relax in Jacuzzi and admire green mountain summit. The guests of Interferie Aquapark Sport Hotel use all attractions of Aquapark for free: swimming pools, saline Jacuzzi, water massages, Finnish and vapour saunas as well as the solar beds, where you can use a good influence of solux lamps on our health. You can also use a fitness gym, a full size sport gym.

Our advantages
more than 10 millions of satisfied Guests One of the largest networks in Poland Wide offer of the packages Attractive prices, promotions, discounts Nice service The most beautifully regions of Poland
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Interferie Aquapark Sport Hotel Malachit
Kościuszki 1, 59-850 Świeradów Zdrój
+48 75 781 67 32